Driving with a camera on your helmet? Then wait read this information first otherwise it will cause damage

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Driving with a camera on your helmet?  Then wait read this information first otherwise it will cause damage

Mumbai: You must have seen many people who walk around with cameras on their helmets. Often such people are YouTubers or travel bloggers. Those who capture their journey on camera and share it on social media. It is now common everywhere. But anyway, in this part of India, if you are seen walking around with a camera on your helmet, you can be prosecuted.

 According to reports, the Kerala Motor Vehicles Department is making it a rule to run cameras on helmets. So now after the implementation of this new rule, if a camera is found on your helmet, you may have to pay a fine of Rs 1 thousand. Along with this, the driving license of the two-wheeler can also be canceled for three months. (Kerala Motor Vehicle Department To Ban Helmet Cameras)

 So if the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department enforces this rule in the future and you go to Kerala for a ride, think twice before installing a camera on your helmet…otherwise you’re screwed.

 Now this question must have appeared in your mind why? Why should helmet cameras be banned? Let us understand the reason for this

Why ban helmet cameras?

 The Kerala Motor Vehicle Department had taken this decision last year as well, citing at the time that it was to stop racing, stunts and other anti-social activities on public roads. But this time the reason is completely different. The vehicle department says that banning cameras on helmets is affecting the performance of helmets

 If such an accident occurs, the helmet’s capacity may be reduced, he says, increasing the risk to the rider.

 Kerala’s Department of Motor Vehicles cited the example of famous Formula One driver Michael Schumacher for banning cameras on helmets. Helmet cameras were blamed as the main cause of Michael Schumacher’s injuries during a skiing accident. At the same time, some reputable companies such as the BBC claim that the helmet camera also withstands a small amount of pressure in case of an accident, so the camera on the helmet is safe. (Kerala Motor Vehicle Department To Ban Helmet Cameras).

Ban imposed by FIA

 The Fédération Internationale de Automobile (FIA), one of motorsport’s largest governing bodies, has also banned the use of cameras on helmets. If you still want to use the camera while riding a bike, you can mount a camera on a motorcycle. At the same time, some riders recommend installing a camera on a riding jacket.

 There are currently plans to implement this rule in Kerala. But there is no information about this from other parts of India.

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