How to create google analytics account | Google analytics tutorial

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Hello friend, if you have a blogger or WordPress website, then this question must have come in your mind that how do we track our website, it means how many active users are there on our website, how much traffic is coming to our website, from which country the traffic is coming to our website. How can we track all these things? So in this article, I am going to tell you about a free tool from Google whose name is Google Analytics. First, we will know how to create google analytics account after that we will learn how to connect our website with Google Analytics. To create an account, first we must open the Chrome browser. After the Chrome browser is opened, you have to search Google Analytics and after searching you will get a link like

 After clicking on the link, you will get some such interface.

If you have not registered in Google yet, then you will get to see below interface. Then to create an account, we must click on Start Measuring here. There some details will be asked, where first you have to register the account. 

To setup an account, I put any demo name here. After that we check all boxes and click on next.


Then you have to setup property. If you have a website, then now you can give the name of your website. Then you have to tick on show advance options and activate universal property and you have to add your website URL.

In the next step, you have to fill business information. Very first you have to choose the category of your business from dropdown menu. After that you can chose business size according to your business.


You must mention the intension of making the analytics account by checking the boxes and click the next.

You can see Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement on your screen in which you have to select the country first. Then accept the terms and conditions move to the next step and you see your account is successfully created.

You have a dialog box my email communications, if you want some email notifications, then you can fix all these otherwise you can close it.

Now, I tell you that how to connect website with google analytics. For that go to the admin setting and you can find property setting. You have to copy tracking code from the tracking info.

Then go to the blogger theme section and open html of blogger and paste the copied code in the head section of html.



Also copy the google analytics property ID and go to the setting of blogger and paste the property Id in google analytics property ID field.

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